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Strong VPN 5 Star Rating

5 star support with a exceptional all fiber network for your servers. We have been able to steadily grow our customer base by understanding a fundamental rule in regards to business. There is no way to truly grow a hosting business on product and price advantage alone, the most important factor to a successful business is a strong customer service culture. Strong VPN is the best service for using an anonymous proxy and hiding your real IP address.


Hide My IP VPN 5 Star Rating

Protect your IP and encrypt all your Internet traffic with the click of a button with Hide My IP VPN.  Works automatically for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux. No configuration needed. From web surfing, emailing, online gaming, Skype/MSN, protect your connection from hackers or your ISP monitoring you. Select from thousands of IP addresses located around the world to unblock any website blocked by your ISP or country.


Hide My Ass VPN5 Star Rating

Hide My Ass! Pro is an advanced yet simple to use application which anonymously encrypts your entire internet connection. Our software automatically works with any application or protocol - whether this be web browsing, instant-messenging/IRC, online games, Skype, and so on simply put, any application which requires an internet connection will be encrypted and your IP address will be hidden for full security and privacy online.


Other VPN Services to Hide Your IP Address for Anonymous Surfing!

Overplay VPN

Overplay provides a service which can encrypt your internet traffic via one of our high speed, reliable VPN servers making you anonymous online. Select a hidden IP address in more than 14 countries. We provide easy to use software to help you change your IP with just the click of the mouse. Rated one of the best VPN services by VPN Reviews. »


ibVPN providing the highest level of security and anonymity. Secure protection for extreme privacy in this world of hackers and identity thieves. With fast servers and excellent support ibVPN is the way to go for IP hiding. Unblock the internet today and start invisible browsing with an IP hider. VPN accounts in several countries from just $3 per month. »

Hide Yourself Online to Protect Your Identity and Secure Your Information!

Pure VPN

Hide IP or Change IP Address, Surf Anonymous with multiple IP addresses and protect your privacy. Simple and Fast Connection. Full Protection from password sniffers in WiFi Hotspots. A cost effective way to protect your identity and hide your IP address. 128 bit encryption with prices from $4/month. Use Pure VPN to Hide Yourself Online. »

VPN Pro Net

Safe Fast and Secure, VPNProNet.com is a company you can trust for your VPN needs because security is very important we are there for you with professional and friendly staff ready to help you at any time we care about our customers and concentrate on the long term business relationship. A proven quality VPN for hiding your IP address. »


TrueCrype Encryption

TrueCrypt is free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Portable Apps Software

Portable Apps
Provides packaged software suitable for use on portable media.

I Want To Hide My IP Address

Welcome to Hide Yourself Online. If you wish to Hide Your IP and become anonymous online than it is necessary to use a VPN service to Hide Your IP Address Online. A VPN will help you hide your IP address while surfing the internet which means you can hide your true identity to webmasters, online stores, in forums and chat rooms. Anonymous Surfing is also required if you live in a country such as China, Iran, Dubai or anywhere in the Middle East that blocks internet traffic and programs such as Skype, MSN, News sites or any Social Media. By using a VPN you can also take advantage of services in other countries which are not available in your own, such as live steaming media from the UK and USA for free. To learn more about Anonymous Surfing and hiding your IP address please browse through the site. If you have any questions please visit the Internet Security page for information on how to set everything up and become totally anonymous online including how to protect yourself from identity theft, encrypt all your data and set up your computer safely and securely so you can sleep better at night! If you would like more help in understanding the risks, need help setting any of the tools up or are looking for support then please visit our Internet Security Forum and let us know what you need!

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