Mobile Phone Encryption

In this age of communication most of our personal and business lives are carried out by mobile devices making the need for security more important than ever. Just like data encryption (email, messengers, hard drive etc) it is also very important to encrypt the data sent from your mobile device. Not only the information sent and received over the internet but also the data that is stored on the memory card. There are several different ways to encrypt your data on both mobile phones and land lines. We've known far too many people that have lost their phones only to worry about what they left behind on them. It is better to be safe than sorry because we will all lose at least 1 mobile phone in our lifetime.

VPN for Mobile Devices

Using the internet, email and instant messaging on your phone is just like using it on your computer. Most of the time your data can be intercepted and abused. It's always a good idea to install a VPN on your mobile device as well as your computer for the added protection since most of us don't think about the dangers on a phone. Just like computers phones can be susceptible to viruses, hackers and online threats including finding your location through your IP and service provider.

We have already done the hard work and listed the top VPN providers on the VPN page and the Homepage of this site. While we have not personally tested them on a mobile device they are all capable of encrypting your data sent over the internet. The top pick out of the ones listed is VYPR VPN for mobile phone encryption on the Iphone, Ipad or Android based phones.

Vypr VPN

Memory Card Encryption

Some mobile phone manufacturers will offer settings to encrypt external memory cards directly in the phones settings. Nokia's Symbian OS, Google's Android OS, Windows based and Blackberry mobile devises already provide these options. Please refer to the phones user manual for the settings to enable the encryption. Once you have enabled the encryption make sure that all your contact details, emails, apps, messages and everything else is stored on the external media, or encrypting it is useless. Do not store anything on the internal memory� more information on that below.

Internal Memory Encryption

All phones will require a password to turn on the phone. Beyond that I am not aware of any software to encrypt the internal data of your mobile device and if there was I'm not sure how hack proof it would be. It's always best to store your personal data on the encrypted memory card and even better try not to store any information on your mobile device. As mentioned above and as a general rule, always assume you WILL lose your phone one day and assume that someone will get access to it. Keep the information on it limited.

If anyone has any information about encrypting the internal memory of phones please contact us.

Mobile Phone Voice Encryption

As mentioned on the Hard Drive Encryption page, there is software called Secure Star that will fully encrypt your hard drive with a hidden and real operating system, a very useful tool. The same company also makes a product called PhoneCrypt. PhoneCrypt is an innovative solution based in military grade encryption (RSA 4096 bits and AES 256 bits), the same technology used by FBI and CIA, which effectively protects your mobile phones from intruders.

Before every call a new encryption key is generated automatically. And it acts as a single combination, an ultra strong protection that is modified every 4 seconds and prevents any interception attempt to your communication.

We realize PhoneCrypt not for your average telephone user, but sometimes you can never be too careful if you are in industries that may make you a little paranoid.

How PhoneCrypt Works

Phone Encryption


Landline Scrambler

Want to prevent wiretaps? Using a Landline Scrambler goes a bit above and beyond simply hiding yourself online and protecting your identity on the internet. The use of a Landline Scrambler utilizes �state of the art' analogue voice coding and asymmetric encryption algorithm for unique secure communications. Just like when using encrypted email of instant messenger, both parties will need to have the Landline Scrambler installed to make use of the encryption.

We have not personally used one of these so we can't recommend a good one. But talk to your local security professional and they should be able to recommend something. Prices can start about $200 per unit. PhoneCrypt mentioned above can also provide services for land lines.

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