Secret Iphone feature tracks your movements

A secret iPhone feature related to the recent release of the iPhone 4 software has been found. The feature secretly tracks your movements across the world by using cell phone towers and wifi hotspots to pinpoint your location and keep a record of where you have been.

Security researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan found this feature while digging into the new iPhone 4 software update and suggests Apple may plan to use this data at a later time, but its not known what they would use it for. The pair also developed a free tool that will help read and plot the data on your phone to a map, giving you an good idea of the data that is being recorded, secretly and without your permission! The free application for Apple’s Mac OSX operating system can be found here.

Below is a screen shot of the data found on one of the researches phone after he took a train ride in the USA. According to the researchers, one of which used to work with Apple for 5 years, they are still waiting for an official reply from Apple on this discovery.

Apple Iphone Tracking USA MapYou can also view a video of the 2 security researchers discussing the find and showing you how to interpret the data below. It well worth the 20 minute watch if you are an iPhone user.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2011 Technology

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